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Evoclean Waterless
Car Wash

// An environmentally friendly machine and 100% natural and
soluble cleaning product completes a wash, wax and polish in
under 25 minutes!.
    • Not just clean, shiny too!

      Waterless wash does it all in one product – cleans away all the stubborn marks and dirt and leaves it with a brilliant shine due to the wax content.

    • Save Time

      Cleaning with a waterless wash and wax takes a fraction of the time of a traditional wash so it’s easy to do at the last minute and probably means that you will clean it more often.

Eco Friendly

Cleaning agents are 100% natural and soluble - zero 'toxic runoff' or water pollution.

Time Saving

All-in-one vehicle wash, wax, protection and polish in under 25 minutes, including rims and tyres.

Extra Shining

Natural wax from the Carnuba Palm tree gives a shiny finish that doesn't damage the vehicle's paint.


Evoclean India.

Evoclean is one of the parts of Evoclean Group that specialized in mobile car washing and detailing.

The Company has the belief of environmental commitment that pushes to acquire the newest eco-friendly car wash technology that's composed of quality management and highly trained car washers. We also acquired compounds that is biodegradable. A system that will promote a waterless car washing system.

Evoclean is taking a huge leap in conquering the car washing market industry by revolutionizing the term car washing, a car washing that will be in every door step. A service that is a phone call away, an interactive website with just a click of a button to attend all your needs. A dedicated hotline number which is open 24/7.

Our Services.

// Waterless Car Wash

Evo clean car washers are fully capable to provide service in all business establishments. New car dealers, car workshops, car washing centers, residential complex, shopping malls. We provide high quality service in an expedited manner. We are a reliable, honest and trustworthy company. All of our car washers, supervisors and key officers are highly trained and the management works effectively and cooperatively with their employees to ensure a safe, healthy and clean working environment.

  • // 100% environmentally friendly.
  • // Each car wash saves 200 liters of water
  • // 80 eco-friendly bays across the country use the Evoclean - saving a whopping 110 million litres of 'drinking water' per year.
  • // Wax provides UV protection without discolouration and isn't sensitive to temperature like other wax that becomes sticky and attracting dust.
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