How it works

  1. Spray the vehicles with the wax, avoiding the windows and tyres. The wax will stick to dirt and dust, holding it in suspension.
  2. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe the wax and dirt off the car, rinsing the cloth occasionally in the machine’s basin. There is no need to scrub or put pressure on the car, reducing the risk of scratches.
  3. Take a second microfiber cloth and buff the car. The residue from the wax will create a high shine on the vehicle similar to a chemical based wax.
  4. Use the glass, rim and tyre cleaners with the correct colour coded cloths to clean the windows, tyres and headlights and rims. The tyre cleaner requires a sponge rather than a microfiber cloth as it is easier to clean with.

This whole process is faster than using the traditional method of washing with a bucket and water.



  • Pressurised canister and spray for the wax.
  • The canister is pumped by hand to pressurise it and the atomiser provides an easy way to get even but light coverage to prevent wastage.
  • A pump empties a small amount (750ml) into the basin to rinse the cleaning cloths, which is then drained into a second container that can be conveniently and safely emptied into a sewage drain.
  • The cart is on wheels and weights on 28kg to make it easily mobile. It is also compact for easy storage.
  • Special micro-fibre cloths easily wipe away the wax and buff the car. They are conveniently colour coded for each product.
  • Separate cleaning products for the tyres, windows and headlights. All products are environmentally friendly.

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