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The Green Machine’s waterless car wash system is an innovative approach to business. Not only will it improve working space, it will also prevents interruptions, and helps restructures companies to save money and operate at a better profit margin. The Green Machine renders traditional wash bays inactive and saves you millions of litres of water, time and operating costs, all without and sacrificing quality or productivity.


The CMH Group is a proactive company utilising The Green Machine to its fullest potential, and combined wash over 3000 vehicles per day, 550 000 cars per year! Other Car Washes use 200 litres per wash, equivalent to a whopping 110 million litres of ‘drinking water’ per year. The Green Machine uses less than 1 litre of water per wash. In fact, the only water used in the entire process is to rinse the soft dust and dirt absorbing microfiber towel, which doesn’t scratch or damage the paintwork. Traditional car washes cause ‘toxic runoff’ produced by the dirty water filled with grime, dirt, and grease running off the car, harming the environment. Instead of water, the Green Machine uses a no-water protectant called Carnuba wax that both cleans and waxes and remains on the body of the car to give it a shiny finish that doesn’t damage the paint.

For more info about Carnuba Wax, please click here.

UV rays make the paintwork of a car fade and discolour over time. Conventional car wax provides hardly any protection against this, however, the Green Machine’s waterless car wash product has a UV protection and doesn’t cause discolouration. The wax also isn’t sensitive to temperature like other wax which becomes sticky, attracting dust and insects, ultimately damaging the paintwork.

  • Uses less than 1 litre of water per wash
  • Saves up to 200 litres of drinking water per wash
  • System is 100% environmentally friendly
  • Cleaning agents are natural and soluble
  • The only water used in the process is to rinse the microfiber towel


Fundamentally, the Green Machine involves a total cost reduction of 50% for the entire washing process.


Due to the lower water consumption, there is a 95% water cost reduction for each vehicle cleaned. Also, because of the major decrease in the need for water and electricity, operating costs are brought down completely, creating a more profitable process.

With less consumption of soap and water, it equates to less labour, thus generating more profit.

  • 50% total cost reduction of the washing process
  • 95% water cost reduction from lower consumption
  • Operating costs are brought down
  • More overall profit


The Green Machine renders all wash bays inactive, without the necessity of a wash bay there is more space for the workstation.


With the competence of the mobile Green Machine that comes to the car, no vehicle needs to be moved from the workshop to a secure parking space at the wash bay.

The vehicle can be cleaned where it is parked, improving vehicle security because it doesn’t need to leave the eyes of the workshop. As a result of less transportation around the workstation, insurance and labour costs decrease as fewer risks and services are involved.

Without the need of a wash bay, that redundant area can be extended to increase the size of the workshop, thus providing more space for vehicles to be serviced, which results in additional potential customers.

Some businesses build a brand new wash bay to accommodate their car washing needs and don’t realise that this can be easily prevented. Another opportunity the Green Machine offers is the chance to close off the inactive wash bay area, allowing the business to downsize, saving money on rent space.

  • Wasted wash bay space means more workshop space
  • More potential customers
  • Can close off old wash bay area and down-size, saving space on rent
  • Insurance and labour savings from less car movement
  • Improved vehicle security


Each Green Machine cleans a minimum of 20 cars per day. Time is no longer wasted moving vehicles to the wash bay because “the wash comes to the car”, generating more convenience. The Green Machine is fully mobile, self-contained and considerably light and manoeuvrable.


The waterless car wash provides a complete all-in-one vehicle wash, wax, protection and polish in less time than a traditional car wash, including rims and tyres.

The treatment will clean the car by removing the dirt, and then polish and protect the body of the car. The same product will clean the glass windows and the wheels, saving time during the entire process on those difficult areas. Without the ‘wetting and drying’ portion of the car wash, time is reduced even further per wash!

The average wash time is reduced through the efficiency of the process. Once the car has been tended to at the workshop, there is no need for it to be moved to a separate floor for washing. If the car has been serviced on a ramp, it can be cleaned whilst still on that ramp, or simply moved to the side. With the convenience of the Green Machine, workflow in the workshop doesn’t need to be interrupted by issues with working space, repositioning cars, cleaning up unnecessary mess and confusion.

There is no need to carry rags, mops, buckets, hosepipes, newspaper, shampoo, wax, sponges, chamois, etc. The neat little Green Machine has it all in one easy application.

  • 2-in-1 cleaner washes and waxes
  • Cars no longer need to be moved, the wash comes to the car
  • Cars washed, waxed, and polished in a faster time than the traditional wash, including rims and tyres
  • Workflow is uninterrupted
  • Average wash time reduced by 20 minutes

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